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Reverse Mortgage

Seniors Want to Age in Place, but Study Shows 58% Must Renovate

Most Canadian seniors want to remain in the family home as they age, but often must renovate and retrofit areas of the home as part of aging in place. That’s according to the results of a study conducted by HomEquity Bank and Ispos Canada, where 300 Canadian homeowners were surveyed from March 15th to 18th […]

Reverse Mortgage

Seniors Aged 70+ Carrying More Debt Than Ever Before

Mortgage debt among seniors is increasing right across Canada, and for those aged 70+ it has increased 12% compared to 2013.

Reverse Mortgage

Using a Reverse Mortgage to Cover Nursing Home Expenses

Meet John and Debbi (my fictitious couple) and learn they used a Reverse Mortgage to cover nursing home expenses. John and Debbi (age 77 and 73 respectively) are residents of Burnaby. Recently John was permanently placed in a nursing home because of dementia. Debbi is struggling with the finances and concerned as their savings will […]


Using a Reverse Mortgage to Increase Cash Flow with CHIP Home Equity Plan

Using a Reverse Mortgage to Increase Cash Flow Meet Margaret (my fictitious widow): Margaret, a widow, is struggling with her cash flow. Still relatively young at age 63 and in good health, she is concerned about her financial future as she is using up her savings more quickly than anticipated. She owns her home which […]


CHIP Home Income Plan [Video]

The CHIP Home Income Plan is a reverse mortgage available exclusively for homeowners age 55 and older which is secured by the equity in your home.